About Us

Our Promise: To Deliver Premier Service by using Perfected Skill and Prioritizing every single of our Clients leading to Profound Satisfaction and Prolonged Positive Beauty Experiences

Who Are We?

The Ultimate Brow, Lash, and Nail Care

Prime Beauty Lounge is the premier one-stop-shop for the ‘Brow, Lash, Nail and Facial Hair care’ located in the heart of the Aberdeen city center. With over couple of decades of cumulative experience between the owners in beauty industry, your Prime Beauty Lounge endeavours to deliver nothing but Premier Service, Perfected Skill and Profound Satisfaction.

Our Core Values

Premier Service

 For many of our busy customers, a visit to our beauty lounge is some of the only ‘me’ time they get. Our job is to not only perform the procedure but take the time to pamper our clients to help them unwind and enjoy a special moment. 

Prioritized Customers

Our customers are the heart of our business and we make sure to treat them with the enthusiasm and appreciation they deserve. We listen carefully to their needs and create looks perfectly suited to each style.


Perfected Skill

Not only do we hire only the most qualified technicians, but we also keep up with current trends and take time to learn new skills. We always strive to provide our customers with the highest quality services.


Profound Satisfaction

We learn to expect the unexpected and take any surprises in stride. No matter the issue, we do what it takes to make things right for our customers and make sure each leaves the salon feeling gorgeous.

Prolonged Experiences

Our purpose is to help each customer feel like the amazing star they truly are. While we are only with them for an hour or less, we know that a job well done can make our customers feel beautiful for weeks to come.


Our Journey

Having founded the business under the name Shine Brow and Beauty over a decade ago, the founders had exited the business after running it successfully for over 5 years and in the year 2020 re-acquired the business and rechristened it to Prime Beauty Lounge, bringing along them the founding ethos, decade of experience, revived passion to yet again deliver those ultimate brows and lashes.

Deriving strength from the great past experience and customer relations and with renewed vigour and fervent passion to take the business to even greater heights Prime Beauty Lounge will strive even harder to deliver you the Ultimate Brow, Lash and Nail Care experience without a premium price tag.

Why Choose Prime Beauty Lounge?

We believe every person is uniquely and incredibly beautiful. Yet as easy as it is to spot beauty in others, we often have trouble finding it in ourselves. Of course, it’s about more than physical appearance, but having worked over a decade in the industry, we’re always amazed at how much confidence is gained after a simple brow or lash treatment.

This is why we have set up Prime Beauty Lounge: to give every person the outer confidence needed to let their inner beauty radiate. And when we say every, we mean every. Unlike other luxury service salons, we provide premium services while maintaining a reasonable price tag, creating a portfolio of services that are both exciting, affordable and truly rewarding.

To give every unique person the outer confidence needed to let their inner beauty radiate.

To allow everyone to pamper themselves by providing premium procedures without charging premium prices