Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic, faux mink or silk fibres which are applied strand by strand to your natural lashes using a specially formulated, semi-permanent glue. Lash extensions are attached directly to the lash itself. The results are more lush, dense lashes that may even let you skip mascara. Whether the final look is more dramatic or more natural is up to the client, but generally, the more lashes applied, the more dramatic the effect.


The benefits of eyelash extensions is a long and luscious lashes, this is what almost every woman wants to have: longer, fuller and fluttery eyelashes. Lash extensions will add volume to your natural eyelashes, enhancing your eyes and your look. They also lift your lashes, adding length and drawing people into your eyes. Lash extensions will not require use of mascara, are water resistant, feel lightweight and natural adding fullness to your natural lashes. They can give you unique and beautiful enviable look.


A detailed client consultation is undertaken to assess client’s natural lashes, to understand their expectation with regards to the outcome and to explain the types of lashes we offer to enable them to make a well-informed decision. The clients will also have an opportunity to view pictures of gorgeous extensions carried out by our skilled lash artists on other clients. Although the application method varies based on the type of eyelash extensions, usually our trained Lash and Brow stylists carefully apply fake lashes by attaching the tiny extensions one-by-one to create a look that’s both dramatic yet natural. The application time widely varies depending on the type of lash extensions and the client’s natural lashes. While the simple strip lashes will take barely 10 minutes to apply the top of the range Russin Express Hybrid lash will take up to 90 minutes to apply.

Type of Lash Extensions

We offer various types of eyelash extensions to meet the varied requirements of our customers which include Strip Lashes, Cluster Lashes, Classic Express Lashes, Classic Semi-permanent Lashes, Russian Volume Express Lashes and Russian Hybrid Express Lashes. If unsure, our friendly and trained staff can assist you during the consultation process to choose lash extensions that would suit you the most.

Strip Lashes


As the name suggests Strip lashes is a thin strip of lashes that adheres to the eyelid, lasting for about a day or two. The look can be varied either natural or dramatic. Our standard time for Strip Lashes is 10 minutes.

Cluster Lashes


Cluster eyelashes are premade fans with multiple eyelashes on them. They give your lashes fuller look specially if have wispy lashes. These can last up to 7 to 10 days depending on maintenance. Our standard time for Cluster Lashes is up to 30 minutes.

Classic Express Lashes

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Classic Express lashes are semi-permanent extensions, which are applied to your natural lashes using a special technique for a quicker application. Classic express lashes are up to 60% full. They can last up to 2 weeks depending on maintenance. Our standard time for Classic Express Lashes is up to 45 minutes.

Classic Semi-permanent Lashes

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Our Semi Permanent lash extensions are applied to the natural lashes one by one without causing interference or discomfort. When your natural lash reaches the end of its cycle it will be shed, taking the extension with it. Classic express lashes are up to 80% to 100% full. They can last up to 6 to 8 weeks subject to infills every two weeks and depending upon maintenance. Our standard time for Classic Semi-permanent Lashes is up to 75 minutes.

Russian Volume Express Lashes


Compared to Classic Express lashes, where one individual lash is applied to each one of your own natural lashes, Russian Volume Express lashes have between 2 and 8 super fine strands. A fan effect is created, consisting of multiple extensions, which are then carefully attached to each single natural lash to create a glamorous volume effect. They can last up to 2 weeks depending upon maintenance. Our standard time for Russian Volume Express Lashes is up to 75 minutes.

Russian Hybrid Express Lashes

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Hybrid lashes is fairly a new term to the lash industry but have most definitely earned their place! Hybrid Lashes are a mixture of Classic Lashes and Russians Volume. These lashes are great if you would like the classic lashes to extend the length but also would like the volume from the Russian if your natural lashes are sparse. They offer more volume than Classics, but more of a natural look than Russians. Our standard time for Russian Express Lashes is up to 90 minutes.

Minimum Age

For all types of Lash Extensions except Strip Lashes client needs to be minimum 16 years of age or older. For Strip Lashes, client needs to be minimum 13 years of age or older. For clients under 16 parent/guardian consent and their presence during the treatment is required

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Patch Test

To ensure the safety of our clients, for Lash Extensions a 24 hour patch test is required if it’s the first time you are having the treatment, or if you haven’t had the treatment done with us within the past 12 months and/or if there has been a change in your medical history since your last treatment with us that affects our ability to carry out the treatment safely on you.