Nail Enhancements

Nail enhancement is a great way to change your nail colour, pattern, and shape. They’re also a great way to keep your nails looking stylish and healthy. Nail enhancements are one of the most popular trends in beauty today and at Prime Beauty Lounge we have a great choice of nail treatments to suit your choice and need. For most clients nail enhancement can last two to four weeks between appointments, and for nail extensions they come in for a ‘fill’ to rebalance the nail. This is important because it re-positions where the strongest part of the nail is to prevent damage from the tip being too heavy


Apart from being a certain fashion accessory nail enhancements provide a protective covering to your natural nails. Nail enhancements can mask almost any natural nail imperfection for a pretty, flawless look. The choice is vast, which means you can choose the nail treatment that suits your lifestyle and budget and also a vast range of colours to choose from.  Nail extensions can also assist in reducing nail biting.


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Our trained technicians will start from preparing the nails filing client nails, pushing back the cuticles, buffing the nails to remove any shine. The nails must be clean and dry before application. This is followed by application of bonder, a base coat and polish. For nail extensions after application of bonder the technician will place a tip, then build up the gel atop that to create the desired length and shape. The nail is cured between each layer of gel. Once the set is completely built, it’s filed further to the perfect shape. The gel extensions can either be left as is or painted. Finally the nail technician will finish with a top coat for an ultra-glossy shine that lasts weeks. The process may extend or vary based the add-ons you chose

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Our Nail Enhancement Services:

Starting from basic nail service like cut, file and polish we offer Gel Nail Extensions, Repairs and Infills, Nail Art (add-ons) and Toenails. Please refer to our pricing section for further details.

Minimum Age

For simple nail polish application the client needs to be minimum 4 years of age or older, for gel polish application client needs to be atleast 8 years of age.  For clients under 16 parent/guardian consent and their presence during the treatment is required. For Nail Extensions clients need to be minimum 16 years of age or older.

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