Hybrid Tinting

Hybrid tint is an innovative gel dye with similar intense and long-lasting effects as Henna. It is highly pigmented, stains sparse brows and suits most skin types.


It can give a dramatic or natural look, with multiple colours to mix together for your perfect match. It is an alternative to brow henna, however reducing the application time while offering similar results. While the Brow Henna can only be applied to brows, Hybrid tint can be applied to both brow and lashes. Also It lasts upto 7 days on the skin and upto 7 weeks on the hair although the results may vary and depend on various individual factors including maintenance and aftercare.

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You’ll first discuss with our therapist how you want your brows or lashes to look. Then the therapist will prep the area, cleaning the brows and applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly around them to prevent any accidental skin staining. The dye is then mixed and carefully applied. The dye is left on for a few minutes (time depends on how intense the client wants the colour to be) to attain optimal colour, then any excess is removed with a damp paper towel. Our standard time to apply hybrid tint to brows and lashes is 20 minutes each and both together is 30 minutes.

Please move the slider across the image on left hand side to experience the Before/After effects of the treatment

Click here to read our aftercare advice to get the best out of your Hybrid Tinting treatment at Prime Beauty Lounge.

Minimum Age

For Hybrid tinting client needs to be minimum 16 years of age or older.

Patch Test

To ensure the safety of our clients, for Tinting, Hybrid Tinting, Henna Brows, HD Brows and Brow Lamination treatment, a 48 hour patch test is required (free of charge) if it’s the first time you are having the selected treatment, or if you haven’t had the treatment done with us within the past 6 months and/or if there has been a change in your medical history since your last treatment with us that affects our ability to carry out the treatment safely on you.